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This Parent Wrote A Letter To Her Daughter’s School Because The Homework Was Way Too Much

This is Bunmi Laditan.

Bunmi is a Nigerian writer and also a mom behind the popular Honest Toddler account

Sometime last week, Bunmi shared an email she sent to her daughter’s school and the internet has been buzzing with reactions from the email.

Something along the lines of homework

In the email, she tells the teachers that her daughter is done with homework.

She goes on to cite stress and physical symptoms like chest pain as the reason for this reaction

Image: Bunmi Laditan/Facebook

She goes on to add that the teachers are amazing and she’s not blaming them whatsoever

Love her!

I want to state that I’m in no way blaming her teachers. They’re incredible and I know they have to do things a certain way. This system just isn’t working for my family or my child. I can’t watch her unravel anymore and be filled with so much stress at age 10. Her dad (who is a very good behavioural therapist) and I have worked hard to reduce her stress, but there’s just too much work. I don’t talk about my kids much because I try to respect their privacy but I felt like I needed to get this out there. Something has to change.

And she has gotten a lot of support from teachers and parents as well who wholeheartedly endorse this message


Thumps up for that

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