10 Famous Kenyan Personalities That Have Joined Politics

For the longest time, Kenyan politics was purely dominated by old faces.

From the time I was born the same popular political faces appeared without any fresh face for so many years. To get into politics you need to have money, popularity and of all things money. These are the ingredients that have fueled our Kenyan media personalities to join politics. They all have a following that has grown and become influential.

Here are the famous Kenyan personalities that have joined politics.

1. Mohammed Ali ‘Jicho Pevu

The famous Mohammed Ali has been an influential man in Kenyan media especially when he exposes government officials and their faults. This media personality was seen in the Kongowea area of Nyali Constituency when his image was seen in  Orange ODM T-shirts that had Mohammed ‘Jicho Pevu’ Ali’s image on the front. It was rather evident that he has a following from the people in that region. His life has been in danger ever since he joined the political field and he constantly lives in fear for the decision he made.

Mohammed Ali

Image: Nairobi Wire

2. Gilbert Wanyonyi popularly known as Mtumishi

Who would have ever thought that the famous comic known as Mchungaji would end up vying to be a Member of County Assembly for Kabiro ward? The comedian says he is very passionate about his ward and hopes to implement change if he gets in office.

Gilbert Wanyonyi

Image: Farm Africa

3. Vittimbi actress Eunice ‘Nyasuguta’ Wambui

When this actress said that she would be going for the Embakassi seat on a Jubilee ticket we were all surprised. She has also proven to be a strong woman after she was attacked by robbers recently who tried to intimidate her to stop vying. Despite the challenges this darling is still vying.

Eunice ‘Nyasuguta’ Wambui


4. Sadaf Deen

At just 20 years old the famous Sadaf Deen declared her interest to run for the Mombasa Women Rep seat. This move has left us all in awe. While she could be out clubbing and thinking of a normal led life, this young lady wants to make a difference in her county.

sadaf Deen

Image: OmmyDallah

5. Charles ‘Jaguar’ Njagua

We know him as Jaguar and recently we know him as the man vying for the Starehe parliamentary seat. He stated that his main aim is to help women and youth in general.


Image: Nairobi Wire

6. Steve Mbogo

The famous Steve Mbogo appeared from nowhere a few years ago with a loud entry that left us with questions. The source of his wealth and education background has been up for debate but this has not stopped him from vying.

Steve Mbogo

Image: niaje!

7. Boniface Mwangi

He started his own party known as Ukweki Party. He is the activist we have either loved or loathed at one point or another in our Kenyan politics.

Boniface Mwangi

Image: Niaje!

8. Ralph ‘Cannibal’ Masai

He running for an MCA position for Mtopanga Ward. Ralph was one of the first celebrities who came out and declared his political ambitions.

Ralph cannibal

Image: Xnyaundi blog

9. Francis ‘Frasha’Amisi, of Punit

We know him from the famous Hapa Kule song and many other popular Kenyan hits that we all love. This time the artiste has moved from the music world and is now eyeing the Athi River Township ward under Maendeleo Chap Chap.


Image: Kiss 100

10. John ‘KJ’ Kiarie

John Kiarie had been relentlessly trying for years to get into an elective post. KJ, who was part of the famous Redykyulass trio, has vied unsuccessfully for the Dagoretti parliamentary seat. We still applaud him for his determination.


Image: The standard