PROI Calls on Partner Agencies to keep in step with evolving industry trends

The 47th Annual Global Summit of Public Relations Organizations International (PROI) has discussed among other topics, the need for Public Relations practitioners to develop consultancies that are equipped with relevant human and technological resources to drive results in the communication and business space of today’s vibrant organization.

The Summit, held in Sydney, Australia and themed “The New World We Live In,” was attended by PROI’s West African partner, Mahogany Consult and over 80 other participants from the Americas, Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions.

Mrs. Baaba Cofie, Senior Consultant at Mahogany Consult was one of the Public Relations professionals present at the enviable event.

Key among discussions at the summit was the need for Public Relations agencies to consider new agency business models in order to stay competitive in a world whose industries are being driven by the digital agenda.

Sharing her experiences to on her return Mrs Cofie stated that “this year’s conference provided insightful discussions and case studies on new and innovative trends in Public Relations consulting.”

“This means, we need to develop conscious corporate governance behaviour for business success, build a strong DNA that encourages learning and growth within the agency and present brilliance in our everyday work,” she added.

Mrs. Cofie stated that successful agencies create, innovate and respond to challenges and Mahogany Consult is committed to evolving with global trends to satisfy client needs and become an agency of choice in Africa.

“We must therefore continue to build strength in roles such as creative content creation, visual storytelling, and a variety of other communication services to deliver the best results for clients,” she added.

PROI Worldwide is the longest-running partnership of public relations agencies, founded in 1970. Since then, PROI has grown to encompass 75+ partner agencies with 5,000+ PR professionals across five continents, 50 countries and 100+ cities.

Story by Ghana|