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7 Signs That You’re Probably Dealing With A Fuckboy

Fuck boys are the worst.

The worst heartbreak is caused by fuck boys. They are terrible, and you should try as much as possible to stay away from them for the sake of your sanity. A fuck boy is the kinda guy that’s not really into you. He’s there for the benefits; be it financial or physical benefits. Here are some traits that fuck boys always display.

1. He claims that he does not want labels

This is a classic scope that fuck boys use. They want you to play the role of a girlfriend, but when you ask them to define the relationship, they claim that labels ruin things. This is how the conversation goes:

Girl- ‘What are we?’

Boy-  ‘I don’t like labels…let’s just take things slow’

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2. He does not want to be seen in public with you

If he tries to avoid going to events with you, or public places, and always tries to convince you to hang out indoors, then he’s probably a fuck boy.

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3. He lacks ambition

If all he does is post shirtless pictures on Instagram, and work on one vague thing or the other, promising that he’s going to make it big one day, then you should already know who he is. He’s the type that’s always in the club every Friday popping bottles, but he has no job and his account is empty.

4. He always hides his phone

He never wants you to see what he’s doing on his phone and his password is usually something that nobody can hack. He also yells at you for not trusting him when you pick his phone.

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5. He’s always asking for nudes

Fuck boys are champions at requesting nude pictures.  Every conversation is sexual, and the ‘What are you wearing’ question must always pop up.


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6. He never communicates

He will never text you or call you. He only checks up on you when he wants something from you.

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7. He always flirts with women on social media

You can never be sure of how many women are in a fuckboy’s life. He constantly flirts with them, and when you confront him, he hit’s you with ‘But you’re not even my girlfriend’. Tragic.

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