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10 Unorthodox Date Ideas You May Want To Try Out

Dating is a lot of work.

And you know what’s more work? Thinking of date ideas to spice up your relationship. So instead of just going to the same restaurant or seeing a movie after work, here are some ideas you should try out with your lover.

1. Beach day out

Go to the beach with a wine, some food, and music from a boombox. Talk about stuff, and watch the sunset


2. Park dates

Visit a public park or a garden and have a picnic. Some food, board games and ask yourselves questions about each other

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3. Movies

If you’re tired of cinemas, ditch it for one of the open drive cinemas. Watch a classic and enjoy with popcorn and a drink.

Secret Cinema Lagos

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4. Home cooked meals

Say no to the traditional restaurant experience and have some home-cooked meals, this time with both of you helping out in the kitchen and savoring the delicious meals made.

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5. Painting and drawing

There are a lot of public painting and drawing gatherings around. Take one, be goofy over it and laugh at the funny stuff you two come up with

Black hair art

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6. Volunteer

Pick out a cause you two are passionate about and get to know more about the other while helping other people who are in need of it.

Image Source: Volunteer Corps

7. Art exhibitions

Visit a gallery and critic artwork and see if you two have matching tastes or if they’re entirely different.

Shiftyeye gallery


8. Long strolls

Take a long stroll at night and just talk about things, eating street food and focusing on each other


9. Spa dates

Think of the idea of double spa dates? Does it sound like fun?

10. Karaoke

How about you end up at a karaoke bar, play a game to determine who goes up and sings first and just sing away the night.

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So, which of these do you see you and bae trying out?

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