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Here Are 9 Questions Potential In-laws Ask When You’re Introduced To Them For The First Time

Visiting parents of your partner for the first time is always a tricky situation because any false “start” and you’ll be rejected.

From what to wear to how to answer questions, to how to behave appropriately, these frustrate us but one thing that makes us more stressed is what questions to expect from them.

Here are some of the questions your potential in-laws may ask.

1. Where You’re From.

They’ll basically want to find out your tribe or where your parents come from. Do not fret over this, they just want to know you better. Aside that, there are certain tribes that some families do not allow their members to marry from so this is key to some families. Plus, each tribe has it’s very unique characteristics so knowing this, they can form an opinion about you which they’ll use to evaluate the conversation from that point. No matter your tribe, your character, behaviour and mannerism during this period is what will determine whether you’ll be accepted or not.


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2. Your Parents And What They Do.

This is standard. Some families love to marry into certain caliber of families and they use this question to ascertain that fact. Whether you come from a rich family, a responsible family etc.

3. Educational Background.

How far you went with your education. This also comes from the fact that some people want certain caliber of people for their children therefore they’ll like to know this. Educational background sometimes becomes an issue in relationships and marriages when the gap between the partners is wide. Therefore the parents will use this question to know whether there is that gap and if there is, how you’re going to cope with it.

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4. What You Do.

This gives them an idea about your profession or what you do for a living. Just to be sure that you’re not doing anything illegal. In the case of a man, they use this to determine whether you have the means to take care of their daughter well.

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5. Why You Want To Be With Their Child.

Of course this is what the whole meeting is about so it’s just right that they ask. They’ll use this to determine if you’re with their child because of love or something else. Answers to this question sometimes reveal the actual reason behind a particular partnership. Vague answers like “I’m with her because I like her” or “I’m with him because I like him” will bring up further questions to property determine your reason for choosing to be with their child.

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6. How Did Your Last Relationship End.

They’ll like to know how the relationship ended to determine if it was your fault or the fault of your ex. This is also used to determine your tolerance and patience level. Do you just bail out because there’s an issue or you just decide to leave when you feel you need to. These are all important to a family seeking a long term union for their child.

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7. Religion.

Religion is key. If they are a Christian family, they’ll obviously like a Christian partner for their child. If they are a Muslim family, they’ll like a Muslim partner. If you’re of a different religion, they’ll further want to know how you’re going to cope with their religion and what both of you have discussed with regards to that situation.

8. Temperament.

This is normally a straight question, “do you have anger issues?”. No one wants a quick tempered in-law for their child so this is a legit question you should expect.

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9. Do You Have A Child.

Of course they’ll like to know if you’re bringing an extra baggage into the union. If you are, they’ll like to know how you intend to handle that situation with regards to the child’s mother. They’ll also want to know if you take care of the child.