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17 Gorgeous Wedding Photos That Prove Why You Should Wear Batakari On Your Big Day

The batakari or fugu is a common attire among the people of Northern Ghana that are usually very colourful and beautiful just like the Kente. 

One of the most common traditional attires at weddings these days is the Kente, but you might not have thought of this, the Batakari or Fugu from the North can equally do great for a wedding.

Your challenge might be how to sew it to look beautiful for the occasion, look no further, here are some pictures of people wearing it in a style you can pick some inspiration from.

1. So first, let’s take a look at this couple who took the first step to show to the world how beautiful the batakari or fugu can be great on your wedding day.

2. Obviously something great for your wedding

3. Isn’t this perfect?

4. Do you still have doubts?

5. Don’t you just love this?

6. And oh! if you’re wondering what the bridesmaid will wear, you’re sorted. 

7. Bolga Naaba, we hail oh!!




11. Isn’t this just lovely?

12. Beauty in capitals