#Trending: 18 year old Nigerian gets 200 million Naira to fund his agro-business?

Nigerian media is buzzing with claims that 18-year-old Samuel Robinson, who requested for 20 million Naira on Twitter last month, has received 200 millions Naira (approximately $600,000) to fund his project in agriculture. 

On April 5, the ambitious teenager tweeted: “Who has 20 million Naira burning a hole in their pocket, give me and I will return 1billion in 2years”

The young actor was planning to borrow N20Million From Fidelity Bank and apparently one of Nigeria’s premier banks, Fidelity Bank responded to him.

He recently posted that he was meeting with two billionaires and asked people to pray for him, and shortly afterwards posted that he has gotten a commitment of 200million Naira!!!

So will the ambitious teenager really receive the said amount and what will he do with it? Stay tuned!!!