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All The Times John Boyega’s Tweets Proved That He’s A True Nigerian

John Boyega is a British-Nigerian actor who is taking the world by storm

He was in Star Wars, and he just finished shooting Pacific rim uprising. John Boyega might be an international star, but he hasn’t forgotten his roots. Here are some of his tweets that show that he stays repping Naija always.

1. When he fiercely rocked this outfit. Igbo Kwenu!

2. And when he did the chores like a true Nigerian boy

3. LOL! When he complained about his typical Nigerian mum

4. And when he acknowledged the greatness of Pounded Yam

5. He knows Jollof is incomplete without plantain

6. When he gave this solid prayer with Jollof

7. He even recognises the greatness that is amala

8. Praising God in Yoruba

9. Can you see the Nigerian Fanta in the corner

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