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Here Is Your First Look At The ‘Ojuloge’ Lagos At 50 Monument

In case you didn’t know, Lagos state is 50 years old. 

The state was formed on the 27th May 1967 and is the most populous state in Nigeria with over 8 million people.

As part of events leading to the golden jubilee celebration, a new monument was erected in the state. The monument called Ojuloge was created to celebrate the Lagos woman. It is located at the open intersection between the National Theatre Complex and Nigerian Breweries in Iganmu, Lagos.

According to the governor of the state, Akinwunmi Ambode, the monument also serves as a beautification exercise for the state, as well as a cultural experience. 

The inspiration for the moment comes from the idea where Lagos women are referred to as ‘Sisi Eko’. 

The Lagos woman is brilliantly dressed whenever she’s seen at occasions and Ojuloge is a celebration of the women. It doesn’t stop there. It also goes on to admire the nobility of the Lagos man who thinks it worthy to erect a monument in celebration of the Lagos woman.

Here’s the front view 

And the back view

So when next you’re in this place, take a picture of the monument?

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