Top 5 weirdest types of tourism

Why do we travel? There is no doubt it brings us new pleasant memories, useful experience and unusual impressions. We dive into another culture to get out of the comfort zone, to take certain challenges. Some people prefer only exploring historical and cultural showplaces. But we only live ones. Our world is one huge source of emotions and impressions: romantic, funny, thrilling, nostalgic, frightening.

There are millions of people on Earth who want to try everything and accept this crazy world as it is. Therefore, there are many truly weird destinations for sophisticated tourists. Let’s focus on some of them. Maybe you could take a single Russian woman with you to one of these intriguing adventures!

  1. Atomic tourism

Tracking the humans’ inventions is always thrilling. Science is a great source of terrific impressions and new knowledge. Unfortunately, some achievements appeared to be rather destructive, than useful. Since the humanity discovered the power of atom, it has lost its marbles once and for all.

Being the most useful and dangerous scientific discovery, the nuclear energy and all that it concerns attracts tourists by many reasons, but the most significant one is the saddest. Nevertheless, this is an important part on our history. The purpose of the atomic tourism is visiting different places, exclusively dedicated to nuclear power and weapon development. Most of them are located in the USA and concern the notorious Manhattan Project.

The most attractive and horrifying site at the same time is the dead city Pripyat – the place of Chernobyl accident in 1986. The excursions to the devastated zone today become more popular among the locals and foreigners.

  1. Pop-culture tourism

Some places on the map could never be seen without a little help of certain song, novel or film. The most powerful pieces of art transform insignificant cafes, houses, chapels, and even unknown boondocks into a pop-culture showplace.

North Bend city is popular among the fans of David Lynch’s television series Twin Peaks, Liverpool is known as the homeland of the greatest band The Beatles, Alnwick Castle is a beloved place among the Harry Potter fans. Moreover, the whole countries become the centers of pop-culture phenomena. Today New Zealand is concerned to be the true Middle-earth due to the set of Peter Jackson’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Hobbit’. The scenery for Hobbiton is still the most attended place in this country. Some guides even distinguish visiting New Zealand into individual class – Tolkien tourism.

  1. Sex and drugs tourism

Now, welcome to the dark side. The rush for cheap and legal entertainment has no end. When some countries treat drug consumption and prostitution as the source of enormous income, the others strictly forbidden both. Every action has a reaction. The truth is that prohibitions lead to uncontrolled extralegal activities and proceeds concealment. Therefore, in minds of some wise governments it’s better to legitimize some of these pleasures.

This issue is extremely controversial. We can’t deny the fact that the trips made for trying soft drugs or having available sex bring millions of dollars to the national budgets… unless it is legal! In dozens of popular tourist destinations sexual service and drugs are forbidden. Sad but true.

  1. Grief tourism

Death and catastrophes attract not as many people as sex and drugs. Nevertheless, there are certain travelers who seek for dark and gloomy sites where something tragic or terrifying happened. Don’t think bad about them, they rather visit such places because of the historical value for paying a tribute. The most popular centers for black tourism are dungeons for tortures, cemeteries and mass graves, former concentration camps, crash sites, and abandoned cities.

  1. Space tourism

It seems a kind of fictional, but space trips really exist. This class of tourism is the least spread nowadays, we know only seven lucky men and women who managed to visit the International Space Station for recreational purpose. This amusement is extremely expensive, dangerous, requires perfect health and endurance. Nevertheless, the forward scientist and business magnates claim, that the trips to the Earth orbit will become a common entertainment in the nearest future.