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These Bridesmaids Wore White Dresses And They’re Serving Looks

It’s common knowledge that you should not wear white to a wedding. 

And most times, brides have their bridesmaids decked in everything but white – different shades of blue, ash, lemon, pink, anything that’s not white.

But we found a bride that doesn’t feel that way and had her bridesmaids adorned in white and they look effortlessly gorgeous.

Here are pictures you should see.

1. This is the beautiful bride in her amazing dress.

2. And a better picture of her. Good Lord, that dress is amazing!

3. Then, here are the bridesmaids in their custom white gowns and fascinators

By justjudys

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4. And their red flowers. Such amazing colour combinations

5. Here they are slaying with the groomsmen

6. And one more, for the culture

7. Glowing.

8. The bride and her sister, the bridesmaid

9. Look at the bride and groom. 

Absolutely love them!

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