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10 Really Weird Things We’ve Seen People Use To Apply Their Makeup

Blending your makeup properly is essential.

makeup girl

Image: CremeDelaBride

And for this purpose, the beauty blender and other makeup tools such as brushes were invented.

beauty blender

Image- Cult beauty

However, some Makeup artists use really weird things to blend their makeup.

They leave us so confused, to be honest. Here are some of the weirdest things we’ve seen makeup artists use to blend their makeup.

1. Christian Louboutin heels

These cost a fortune. WHY?

2.  Socks


[embedded content]

3. A Knife

This has gone too far.

[embedded content]

4. A boiled egg

Shouldn’t she be eating it or something?

5. A condom

6. A sponge

As if her face is a plate.

7. A potato

8. A tomato


9. A pancake

[embedded content]

10. A light bulb

Nawa o! You might also want to see tips for cleaning your makeup brushes.