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10 Things Nigerian Bus Drivers Should Stop Doing

By: Franklin Ugobude | 4 Hour(s) ago

Buses are major means of transportation for a lot of people.

And for some people who have no options, they have to endure the antics of the bus driver which can be really annoying on some days.

We asked our Facebook community the things Nigerian bus drivers do that irk them

What should Nigerian bus drivers stop doing?

Posted by OMGVoice Nigeria on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

And here are some of the responses we could relate with ourselves

1. Urinating on the wheel of their buses when on the roads

Submitted by Uhure Michael

Image: Nairaland

2. They should stop insulting people especially all those danfo drivers and their conductors

Submitted by Blessing Zubby

Image: Ventures Africa

3. They should stop being dirty.

Submitted by Brendan Janini

Image: Laciudadviva

4. Inflating bus fares as they please

Submitted by Kebiru Rhodiya

Bus Lagos

Image: DailyGossipNG

5. Stop parking in the middle of the road

Submitted by Daniel Okpala

monochrome lagos

Photo: Instagram/Logorofafrica

6. Cursing

Submitted by Halima Ibrahim

Image: Naij

7. They should learn to wait for people to enter the bus

Submitted by Blessing Zubby

Image: Naij

8. They should stop shouting they don’t have change when they clearly have change

Submitted by Joy Ola

Image: Pulse

9. They should stop coming out without waste baskets

Submitted by Kebiru Rhodiya

Image: Pulse

10. They should stop smoking and drinking

Submitted by Motunrayo Ikuforiji

Have any other things you think they should stop doing? Let us know in the comment section!

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