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13 Things You Should Know About Polishing Your Nails

Polishing your nails is an art. I mean we take time to pick a color that we like, think if matches our personalities then paint our nails.

We go to the salon every now and then to make sure that our nails are well trimmed and proper. But for some of us, we do our own nails. But while you pretend to know what you are doing you would be surprised to know that you have probably been painting you nails wrong.

Here are the 13 things you should know about polishing your nails:

1. Three strokes are all you need.

Don’t over coat your nails with so many layers of nail polish. It’s a very simple process that could either make your nails look proper or mashed up. Dip the brush into the bottle and get a decent-sized bead of polish then spread out on your nail. Start at the base of your nail, stroke the brush to the left, to the right, and then down the center.

Nail polish

Image: The Beauty Box

2. Find the right white.

When the trend for applying white nail polish started it was the coolest trend then. White actually has different shades and if you get it wrong then your nails won’t look the way you want them to. Choose a white that is thick and creamy so that it’s not too ‘sheer’.

white nail polish

Image: Pinterest

3. Swipe on cuticle oil religiously.

Invest in a cuticle oil for your nails to avoid dry-looking nails. A cuticle oil will literally hydrate your nails. This is especially best after you apply nail polish so that if you happen to accidentally hit your nails against something, the oil offers some slip, so they’re less likely to chip.

Cuticle oil

Image: SheKnows

4.Dip your nails in cold water or ice water.

Holding your hands under cold water or dipping your fingertips into ice water for a bit helps them dry faster.

ice water

Image: The Beauty Box

5. Stop shaking your nail polish.

We always shake our nail polishes while we are actually meant to roll it back and forth between two fingers. This is done to avoid air bubbles when your painting you nails.

Nail polish

Image: Wiki

6. Stop vigorously filing your nails.

Your nails are not a wood workshop experiment so stop filing vigorously. Ensure to stroke the file in one direction or else you will end up tearing the tip of your nail and leave it jagged.


Image: BuzzFeed

7. Stay away from hot water.

I was always told not to apply nail polish because I’d have to wash dishes. But this specific rule is only meant for when you have done your nails. Never do your nails and then hop into the shower or do dishes. Although this is logical the reason behind it is so your nail bed doesn’t have to expand. When your nail bed expands it forces your nail polish to crack. If you avoid this, your nails will be dope AF.

Nail polish

Image: Daily Mail

8. Always use a top coat.

This may seem obvious but it is very important to apply a top coat if you don’t normally do it. It helps your nail polish stay longer and will be less likely to chip.

top coat

Image: Fas Magazine

9. Only bust out the nippers when you have to.

Removing your cuticles shouldn’t be your pastime hobby. The only time you should use a cuticle nipper is when you have a hangnail which is understandable because hangnails are painful.

Genevieve Nnaji nails 4

Image: GenevieveNnaji/Instagram

10. Stay away from quick-dry nail polish.

It’s typically dehydrating and can dry out your nails.

dry nail polish

Image: Bustle

11. Make your neon polish pop.

Neon paint is the best especially when you have a loud personality and you’re not afraid to attract attention. To get you neon paint pop apply a white on an opaque nude shade as your first coat of polish.

neon nail polish

Image: Pinterest

12. Keep your nail polish in the fridge.

Storing your nail polish in the refrigerator helps the formula to last longer. Especially since heat and sunlight can alter the thickness and color.

Nail polish

Image: Pinterest

13. Don’t shy away from glitter.

Glitter polish gives your nails a great shimmery look and they usually last longer than regular formulas.

Glitter nail polish

Image: Nail It!