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These Are The Best Beard Styles For Every Kind Of Face

Growing a beard may be the ultimate glow up for the average man.

But there’s a lot that comes in mind when choosing the ideal kind of beard to make do with.

There are various kinds of face types and with each type comes a different type of beard suited for it. So to avoid you growing a beard that doesn’t fit your face, here are the different types of faces and the beard styles applicable for each.

1. Oblong Face

For these faces, it is advised that the sides should be left full and the bottom short.

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2. Oval Face

The oval faces are lucky in the sense that most beard styles are compatible and look good on them.

Image: Birchbox

3. Round Face

Unlike the oblong-faced people, the round face guys grow their beard longer on the bottom and shorter on the sides.

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4. Square Face

For the square faced, it is advised to keep the hair fuller on the chin and shorter on the sides.

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With that being said, go forth and glow with your beard.

In case you were looking for beard inspiration, here are a few that’ll have you stroking your empty chin and making an effort today.