How to have a wedding friendly to the environment

It doesn’t matter when you have your wedding, how you conduct the ceremonies, or where things take place – there will certainly be some impact to the environment. While you can’t entirely eliminate this reality, you can diminish how much impact your wedding makes.

There are a number of factors to take into consideration. Firstly, what time of year will you be getting married? If you’re looking for the romance of winter, silhouetting a ceremony that starkly contrasts that particular warmth in the heart of you and your future spouse with the fluffy snows of November or February can be very beautiful.

But a wintertime wedding is going to require a heated venue where you’ll likely burn more energy at this time of year. If you have guests, keeping them warm becomes a concern. Certainly whatever location you choose will likely have built-in heating arrangements, but they probably don’t have a regular event when you schedule one.

This means you’ll end up increasing that venue’s energy consumption throughout the ceremony. It’s not a huge energy consumption, but it does make an impact.

Summer Weddings May Be Your Answer

Spring or Autumn weddings are less impactful, and oftentimes Summertime weddings can be least impactful at all. You can hold them outdoors, requiring essentially no energy, unless you are holding the event in a location where a lawn sprinkler company has installed automatic sprinklers.

However, if you do have an outdoor wedding, it will need to be in a location where there isn’t a natural ecosystem that would be threatened by a large wedding party. Additionally, you’ll need to clean up after yourself, which will require having refuse bins that separate recyclable and non-recyclable garbage.

Rice Or Confetti?

Still, if you can find a good outdoor venue in Summer, this will represent one of the least impactful solutions as regards the environment. But then you’ve got food, dessert, drinks, confetti, and wardrobe to contend with.

People aren’t throwing rice anymore out of fear they’ll hurt birds. Snopes proves this fear ungrounded, but still: why waste food?

Confetti is a good surrogate, but you’ve got to clean up after such use. What’s better are biodegradable substances that aren’t harmful to wildlife, and don’t represent food waste. Certainly you can clean up after these aspects of the wedding, but during a festive time, this is very unlikely.

Choosing The Dress

When it comes to clothing, there are definitely going to be cleaner, less impactful solutions you can use. But you’ll want to be careful to source stylish, comfortable wardrobe solutions. The groomsmen can probably be outfitted in whatever you want them to wear—men are fairly easy-going here. But the bridesmaids are another story.

According to Azazie, a maker of fine dresses, “Ultimately, it’s the bridesmaid who has to wear the dress on the big day so her opinion really matters.” You want to get her opinion on your side if you’re sourcing a green bridesmaid dress. But not to worry, there are many comfortable, stylish, cruelty-free options available.

One final parting consideration: consider travel options. If you can consolidate travel to a single bus, fly guests into a hotel that’s a short walk from where the ceremony will be, or encourage carpooling, you can cut the expense involved for everyone as well as the carbon footprint from the exhaust of multiple vehicles.

An Environmentally Friendly Ceremony

By eliminating celebratory factors harmful to the environment like rice, upgrading your wardrobe so that it is sourced from cruelty-free, environmentally friendly options, using low-impact travel solutions, and having your wedding outdoors during the middle of Summer, you can substantially curtail your environmental impact during your wedding.

Again, at the end of the day, it’s fundamentally impossible to entirely eliminate your wedding’s environmental impact. But you can definitely meter the severity of that impact with careful thought.

As you think through the environmental impact of your big day, stay focused with Corpina Nootropics.

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