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19 Kenyans Who Hate Njahi (Black Beans) So Much That It’s Funny

When it comes to food, everyone has what tickles their fancy and what they wouldn’t even dare put in their mouths.

Surprisingly, for some Kenyans, Njahi (black beans) is something they hate with a passion. Njahi is a very common dish especially among the Kikuyus. A ruracio is not a ruracio without Njahi my fren.

It also makes really good stew and mukimo when mashed with potatoes.

However, some Kenyans think it’s absolutely THEEEEE worst meal ever.

Check out a sample of the tweets:

1. Eish…

2. Really now?

3. And the rest of the people?

4. Lol what has njahi got to do with marriage now?

5. Mmmkay…

6. Lol…

7. Woiyee Kabogo…

8. Oh really?


10. SMH.

11. Loooord why so much bile!

12. Hmm…never knew disappointment had a taste.

13. Hahahahaha and the best tweet award goes to *drum rolls*

14. Damn!

15. Lol.

16. LOOOOOL Even Beyonce wasn’t left out in this madness.

17. Hehehe.

18. SMH.

19. Really now? Lol.

Hahaha so much hate. So what’s your opinion on Njahi? Yes or hell to the no?