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This Guy’s Experience Is Proof That Watching Action Film Pays Off

Being a Nigerian in Nigeria is stressful!

In Nigeria, the same caution you apply when you see an armed robber is the same for when you see a police officer. Whenever Nigerians hear “the police is your friend”:

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We know it’s all jokes. Nigerian parents always make a big deal out of their kids watching action films. They never understand that as a young Nigerian, you may have to enact what you’ve seen in movies. This guy’s experience with the Nigerian police is all the proof you need that action films do save lives.

1. Na so action film dey start

2. Naija taxi drivers never obey laws

They always think the rules governing the roads never apply to them.

3. But wetin concern Nigerian police with traffic offence?

Especially when FRSC officials are already on the ground.

4. And taxi driver tries to play smart

We see them display this behaviour every time. They disobey the laws, get caught and try to wiggle out of it by rough driving. Police retaliate by firing at the taxi. Our very own Naija action film.

5. Guy jumped out of taxi

The guy heard the gunshot and remembered every action film he had ever seen. Lol! Reenactment!

6. Police and thief taxi driver car chase

Naija police never chase thieves. But they have strength to chase taxi drivers.

You see why you should always watch action films. How will you learn to jump out of vehicles if you don’t?

LMAO! Here is One Time The Nigerian Police Truly Was A Friend Of The Common Man.

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