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Ghanaians love to visit these 5 Places in Nigeria

‘’Ghana must go’’ is a very popular phrase in both Ghana and Nigeria. In Ghana, many people refer to the colorful checked jute bags as ‘’Ghana Must Go’’. This may be attributed to the use of these type of bags in 1983 by the large number of illegal Ghanaian immigrants in Nigeria who were returned to their home country. Today, we use this same term in the opposite direction.

It is used to encourage Ghanaians to visit and tour their closest friends on the African continent. For many years, it is believed that Ghana and Nigeria have a special relationship and the development of one directly affects the other. On many occasions, i have encountered Ghanaians who travel to the beautiful country of Nigeria for business or other reasons and have no clue where to go for a great experience. After interactions with some local folk as well as some Ghanaians resident in Nigeria, Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading online travel agency brings you 5 of the top places Ghanaians love to visit in Nigeria.

Tinapa Business Resort : Located by Calabar river, Tinapa is the top business and leisure resort. It is a resort promoted by government of cross river state, under a private public partnership and very close to the calabar trade zone (where investment activities usually take place that is manufacturing, assembling, ware-housing, oil and gas related activities among others. For every Ghanaian business man or woman Tinapa business resort is the realization of an exciting dream, the first integrated business and leisure resort in Nigeria. With world class facilities, visitors are able to engage in retail and wholesale activities alongside leisure and entertainment , you would not want to visit Nigeria without passing by this resort.

Yankari National Park : The Yankari National Park is with no argument the most developed animal reserve and park in Nigeria. Located in Bauchi, the park hosts 50 different species of animals and about 550 elephants. Totally amazing !! Best time and season to visit this extraordinary park is between February and late April. The reserve boast of a 200m long and 10m wide pool containing crystal-clear water at a temperature of around 31 celsius formed from a well system used by slaves and wikki warm spring. Very suitable for tourists to swim in.

Obudu Cattle Ranch : The obudu cattle ranch also known as the Obodu mountain resort, located in the Obaniku local government area of cross river state, is one of the beautiful places one has to visit. The temperature climate, breathtaking views, peaceful and beautiful scenery has resulted in making this resort one of the most famous tourists sites in Nigeria.

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach : For every Ghanaian looking for a place where you can run away and be free from the hustling and bustling life of a city, an amazing structure built on an artificial sand beach, the perfect place to be is the Port Harcourt tourist beach. A leisure hub along Kolabi creek and located at Port Harcourt, river state.

Erin Ijesha Waterfalls : This is a natural sauna, also called Olumirin waterfalls . It is a site to appreciate and acknowledge the wonders of nature and God. At first sight, the falls doesn’t look like anything worth seeing until one begins climbing the 7 levels of the ascending plains of the waterfalls. YES !! 7 plains of the waterfall and the freshness of the water is energizing. A great experience until one reaches the last and 7th level which is the most intriguing . Not only it is the peak of the falls but that is where many inhabitants have lived for many years.

Credit : Jumia Travel

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