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9 Stupid Fighting Tricks We Used When We Were Kids

Growing up in Ghana, fighting was inevitable, it is something you can’t escape as a child.

Be it, school, home or even in church, children will always be children and so fights do break out but at that stage in life, we all devised ways and means to win, especially when you notice the person you’re about to fight is bigger and stronger than you.

Looking back today, you can tell how stupid some of these tricks you got from your friends as to how to win the fight were. Here are 9 stupid fighting tricks we used when we were kids.

1. Spitting On Your Opponent’s Feet.

You’re told to intentionally spit on your opponents feet and he or she will ask you to clean it and when they do, you intentionally kneel to clean it and then you lift them off their feet. This is a very stupid idea because you can’t be sure if your opponent will really ask you to clean it or smack you in the face for spitting on their feet but unfortunately, at the time, we thought it was the smartest idea.


2. Pretending To Lace Your Shoe.

With this, you pretend you want to lace your shoes and in the process, lift your opponent off his feet. This is yet another stupid idea from our friends who never take part in the fight anyway. What if while you kneel to pretend to tie your shoes, your opponent also sees it as an opportunity and attacks you unawares? This result happens all the time.

Image: Global logic

3. The Decider.

Then we have the one where both are afraid of each other and don’t know who to begin and so we use the decider strategy where friends advise you to fetch some sand in one of your hands, clench it and ask the opponent to choose a hand and to decide whether they want to fight or play. When they choose the hand with the sand, it means they want to fight and you quickly throw the sand in their eyes and attack them. The stupid thing about this is that, the opponent knows exactly how things will end so they attack before you get the opportunity to execute your plan fully.

4. Attacking Your Opponent While They Take Off Their Shirt.

Then there’s always that moment where friends advice that when your opponent tries to remove his shirt, you pounce on him. What if he doesn’t? Some also pretend they’re about to take off their shirt and then attack you unawares because they know you’ll not be expecting an attack.

5. Say Fi.

Then we have the “Say Fi” strategy just to start a fight, something Yaa Pono and Shatta Wale tried to reenact this year, but note that this is something from childhood memories. One person asks the other to say fi if indeed he wants to fight. What kinda strategy is this?

6. Throwing Sand In The Eyes Move.

You pretend you picking something from the ground and then scoop some sand and throw into the eyes of your opponent. This is so stupid, point being that while you bend to grab the sand, you become vulnerable and your opponent can decide to attack you at that moment, something which happens most times.



7. The Coward Trick.

You intentionally tell the opponent to follow you if they can really fight you till you get to a quiet place and either take to your heels or call friends to come help you fight. Mostly you get chased by the opponent and if you’re not a better runner than, they’ll catch up with you and beat the daylight out of you.



8. The Hit Me First Trick.

This is when both parties are scared of each other and so they keep asking each other to touch them and see if they think they are strong. I mean, why will you ask someone to attack you first? What if the first blow sends you to the ground or gives you some serious injury?

9. Cast The First Stone.

They both pick up a stone but can’t use it because both are afraid of each other. Each will then ask the other to throw their stone first if indeed they feel they are strong enough. We can’t even explain how stupid this is.