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9 Tips That Will Help You Pass Your JAMB Exams In Flying Colours

JAMB is a very important exam

JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) examination is the exam that people who desire to be admitted into tertiary institutions write.  It is one of the most important exams for Nigerian undergraduates, and it determines whether you’d go to a Federal University, Polytechnic or even a private university. Preparing for Jamb can be nerve wracking, so we’ve put together some tips to ensure that you meet the cut-off mark.

1. Ensure you go through the brochure properly

This is important because it will help you pick a subject combination that’s suited to your strengths, and also help you find the right course.

 jamb brochure

Image- JAMB

2. Go through your registration details

Ensure that you go through your registration form carefully, and see that everything is correct. Make sure the spelling of your name, date of birth, etc, are correct.

 jamb registration form

Image- JAMB

3. Practice past questions

Go through past questions for your subjects and practice them well. Make sure you read further on concepts that you don’t understand.

Image result for jamb past questions

4. Read the prescribed English text

Make sure you study the prescribe English text, and do some practice questions.

Image- JAMB

5. Minimise the use of social media

It’s easy to get distracted by social media when you’re studying. Try to reduce the use of Social media, at least until you finish your exams.

Image: Laptop Mag

6. Follow instructions

Before you start every exam, you should read the instructions carefully and follow them.


7. Get enough sleep the Night before your exams

Make sure you sleep for at least 8 hours the night before your exams. A well rested brain works best during examinations.

woman sleeping

Image: BlackGirlsGuideToWeightLoss

8. Stay away from exam malpractice

If you’ve worked and studied hard, there’s no reason you should be looking for leaked exam questions. Remember that your exam will be cancelled if you cheat.

Exam cheating styles

Images by Wiki How

9. Spend your time wisely

One of the things that is being marked during the exam, is the time you spend on each question. Make sure that you don’t spend too much time on questions that you don’t know.


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