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12 Nigerian University Struggles We All Understand

The transition from high school to university is pretty exciting.

But it’s somehow when you get to the university and majority of the things that held you back in secondary school are holding you back as well. University also comes with its own pot of struggles honestly.

Here are some things you can never miss as long as you’re a university student.

1. 8 a.m. classes

You thought you could escape early classes until you get into university and realise that there one too many. The snooze button becomes your best friend as you struggle to wake up every morning.

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2. Roommate drama

Living with people whether or not you know them is a lot of hard work and if you end up not finding the right roommate, then you’re in for lots and lots of drama.

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3. Being broke all the time

Can this ever get easier? Your parents give you money but it’s never enough, you also need to maintain your social life and it can get hard.

Broke problems

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4. People asking you what you want to do with your life.

This gets annoying, especially from your parent’s friends who never seem to understand that you need time to mature. People need to understand that just because you’re in your fourth year of university doesn’t mean you have everything figured out.

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5. Staying up until 4 a.m. writing a paper

This happens because you procrastinated and instead of waiting for two weeks you ended up writing that term paper the night before it’s due. The next morning you probably look like a zombie ready to collapse.

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6. Course registration

Registering for classes is usually very tedious and if not done early you may miss out on a class you are meant to take. Depending on which university you are in, your registering portal may be slow and hard to use. This process is annoying AF.

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7. Lecturer drama

With statements like “A is for Jesus, B is for me and C is for you“, one is not far from the truth understanding why Nigerian lecturers are the hurdle that most students want to pass through and soon.

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8. Seating Wahala

Having to find a good seat to listen to the lecture is stress alone.


9. Impromptu Tests

Just when you thought you’ve left the “tear a sheet of paper” life in secondary school, you’re reminded that some things never ever change.

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10. Laboratory Hours

Every science student knows that laboratory hours were the absolute worst, especially long ones where you’re guided by lots and lots of rules and regulations.

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11. Examination Stress

It’s almost like all the lecturers are out to get you on examination day, disrupting the formation you’ve been setting up for years, bringing out questions you never expected or even the dreaded “Answer all questions” line.

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12. Voluminous notes and handouts

You’ll long for your secondary school when you see the volume of work lecturers bring to class and you’re wondering if it were the same in their time.

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What other struggles did you experience back in university?

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