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11 Simple DIY Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mother Will Never Forget

By: Vanessa Waithera | 3 Hour(s) ago

Buying a gift is easy but at the end of the day when you make your own gift, it is better.

As mother’s day season is here it is in order to take some time aside and just work on a simple gift that you can amuse her with. This is the woman that carried you for 9 months, cried for you and has fought your battles.

Whether you have money or not I am pretty sure that these simple DIY gifts will be easy for you to do.

1.Bake A Simple Cake

This is such a simple thing to do and won’t take a lot of your time. Remember to use her favorite flavor especially if she’s not a fan of sugar. It would be very special if you don’t usually like cooking or baking but you take the time to do this for her.

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2. Create a collage of her photos.

This is super creative and fun to do. Creating a homemade collage with her photos from when she was young to her recent self. Not only will she be impressed but you’ve just added new art to her house.

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3. Write her a card.

I personally don’t like card unless they are personalized. Creating your own card means you can play around with the colors you will use or even include paint. At the end of the day you are your mothers’ child and when you do such cute stuff regardless of age it will melt her heart.

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4. Friendship bracelet.

Be like the Gilmore girls and create a fun looking bracelet for both you and your mom. This enhances your friendship and it is also such a thoughtful idea.

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5. Create a why I love you book.

I mean she’s your mother, you can have a million and one reasons why you love her but how about putting them in a small book? She will probably be looking at this book when you have driven her up the wall and smile.

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6. Fill a container with her favorite snacks.

Because what is life without snacks? Depending on your mother’s diet but a snack lunchbox that she can be able to use after. Either do a combination of healthy snacks put together or candy that she likes. If you’re feeling very inspired you can bake cookies and biscuits that are specially made for her.

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7. Paint a mug for her.

Buy a plain mug and paint something super cool. Make the mug colorful and exciting and if possible do more than two so she has variety.

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 8. Transform a clipboard into a cute to-do list reminder.

The clipboard can either be for motivational quotes because God knows she has a lot on her plate or just a simple to do list. Most of the times we throw our clipboards away so if you don’t have one use sticky notes that she can read every day.

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9. Create a photo calendar

Yes, the year has already gone by fast but I bet your mom has a promotional calendar and not a photo calendar. These are very easy to make and free of charge if you have paper and a printer. Take time to select her best photos and use it for the calendar.

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10. Make a mother’s day breakfast

Food is always the best way to get to anyone’s heart. What’s even better is if you can create a breakfast menu and prepare what she has asked you to. Put it in cute little boxes or jars that are cute and beyond everything make good food.

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11. Use your talent to wow her

If you can sing then write her a song or cover a song and send it to her mail. Whatever talent you have she will appreciate that you took the time to use it for her. Whether you write, sing or take good photos remember to gear it towards her.

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