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This Kenyan Digital Artist Redesigned Old Postage Stamps In The Most Amazing Way

When did you last use a postage stamp?

Yeah, when did you lick the back of one and stick it on an envelope? Probably a long time ago right? Stamps remind us of so many things. From sending romantic letters to our high school sweethearts to sending success cards, it was all magical. But are postage stamps become totally irrelevant? Not really.

Digital artist Jacque Njeri is redesigning them.


A post shared by Jacque Njeri✨? (@fruit_junkie) on Feb 4, 2016 at 9:12pm PST

Njeri is working on a project called the ‘Stamp Series.’ Through it, she puts some magic on old stamps to make them look cooler.

All her stamp designs have plenty of colours and unique images to give them a really appealing look. If stamps looked like this back in the day, we wouldn’t even care about e-mails and texts. We would stick to them and keep sticking them on envelopes.

Here are images from Njeri’s stamp series.