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Meet The Disabled Kenyan DJ Who Works Harder Than All Your Favorite Entertainers

Whoever said ‘disability is not inability’ was spot on.

Society has changed. We no longer live in a world where people with disability are looked down upon. Nowadays we have disabled professionals in almost every field and many are even the best at their jobs.

Dj Euphorique is one of the people doing great things despite being physically challenged.

…and he is quickly rising to the top.

Euphorique whose real name is Ignatius Ogeto can’t walk but that hasn’t stopped him from doing what he does best. And that’s spinning the wheels of steel.

He does gospel music and judging from his Instagram account, he has a big influence in the industry. Euphorique keeps getting gigs on major shows and events and has also been featured on a couple of interviews. His hard work clearly teaches us all to never tell ourselves that we cannot do something. Everything is possible and any obstacle can be overcome.