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10 Of The Weirdest Animals That Nigerians Eat As Meat

The Nigerian cuisine is rich.

The food that is consumed in Nigeria, will blow your mind honestly. Most of the animals on this list are kept as pets, but in Nigeria, they’re killed and eaten. Here are some of the weirdest animals that Nigerians eat.

1. Dogs

This is popular among Calabar people, and Dog meat is usually referred to as 404. In Nigeria, a dog can be man’s best friend and man’s best meal.

dog 5


2. Snakes

Snakes might be seen as venomous animals that should be avoided, but it a real delicacy in Nigeria.

snake soup

Image- Nairaland

3. Lizards

Believe it or not, some people enjoy eating lizards.


Image- Nairaland

4. Frogs

The frogs are coated with pepper and roasted. Will you try frog suya?

5. Grasshoppers

Apparently, grasshoppers taste really nice when they’re roasted.


6. Crocodiles

I really want to know how they prepare this.

crocodile paga

Photo: PulseGhana

7. Bat

Rumour has it that, the people of Ijebu enjoy eating bats.


Image- Wikipedia

8. Tortoise

How do they even get it out of the shell?


Image- Wikipedia

9. Cats

Cats are supposed to have 9 lives, but in Nigeria, they are eaten.


Image- Wikipedia

10. Monkey

Apparently, a lot of people enjoy eating roasted monkeys. Don’t ask us why.

roasted monkey

Image- Nairaland

Which of these special delicacies have you had? You might also want to see common Nigerian food combinations.