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Inter Allies coach Prince Owusu attributes defeat against WAFA to slow start

Inter Allies coach Prince Owusu has blamed the side’s slow start in the Premier League match against WAFA for their loss on Saturday.

WAFA finished the first round as leaders after beating Inter Allies 2-0 in Sogakope.

The result did not go down well with Allies manager, who believes it could have been a different outcome if the Labadi-based side had made a positive start to the game.

‘I think we started very slowly. They were ahead of us for about 15 minutes in the game and they had a goal around that time and that was a big blow. I don’t know whether it was the warm up or whatever, we didn’t start well at all,’ he said.

‘They froze in that 15minutes and after that period they came back played very good football. We went for the first half and we came back took over the game again and one of the boys did a big mistake at the back, played the ball to the opponent and that ended in the second goal,’ he added.

Inter Allies are now 10th on the table and their Coach Prince Owusu also added they will be back stronger in the second round.

‘I think our performance isn’t bad, we are getting the pieces together. There is something wrong but we will talk about it in house.’

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