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Wunmi Mosaku Is The Nigerian Actress Who Won A 2017 BAFTA

This is Wunmi Mosaku.

She’s a British actress who was born in Zaria and went to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art where she graduated in 2007.

Since then, she has been in television series and movies, notable is as Kahina Ziri in the 2016 superhero movie ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’.

She recently clinched a BAFTA beating other actresses in her category to win The Best Supporting Actress’ for her role in 2016’s BBC drama: Damilola, Our Loved Boy, where she played Gloria Taylor, the mother of the murdered schoolboy.

In 2010, she played Malia in the Channel 4 television film ‘I Am Slave’ where she also won awards such as Best Actress at the Birmingham Black Film Festival, Best Onscreen performance at the Cultural Diversity Awards and Best Female performance at the Screen Nation Awards all for her amazing performance.

Ok so when you’re in your final year at RADA (the drama school I went to) you are assigned a buddy/mentor. Wunmi was mine – she was only a recent graduate herself. I was convinced I was all wrong from head to toe – I’m short, I’m dark, I’m not striking or beautiful or ‘exotic’ (?) in anyway. I didn’t leave with a beautiful clipped voice. I was still scared of Shakespeare. I was utterly plain and chubby. I was a tiny dot in a truly fantastic year group. I didn’t stand out and truth be told, I still don’t (it’s ok, I’m fine) Wunmi – over many many Busaba Calamaries – would tell me time and time again that I would be ok. And she was right. I’ve had the utter pleasure of watching her grow and grow with stunning performance after stunning performance as a friend, as a co-worker once (big up the Royal Court) and as bonafide fan. The way she has navigated this industry with humanity, humour, sweetness and tremendous talent proved to me that you can be STONKING in your field and not be a twat. You can be a nice person. You can dance in other people’s successes and light and power them on. She once told me ‘there are people who are FOR you, there are people who are WITH you, and there are people who are AGAINST you’. I always remember that when I’m deciphering who are the right people to open my heart to. I’ve not always got it right but her utter brilliance & love has always been what I aspire to. AND SHE’S STILL ONLY AT THE BEGINNING. Wunmi has undoubtedly – more than any other actor – paved the way for me and many like me. Her focus is the work and being a good friend, not being a role model (but because her work is so tremendous, she automatically is!) I’m so grateful she’s here and that she continues to shower us with her talent. We are so so so lucky and I’m so full of love for her. Congratulations Wunmi – my absolute champion. ❤️ #WunmiMosaku

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Here’s a video of her accepting her award

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Congratulations to Wunmi 

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