I Love You So Much… Mercy Johnson celebrates Husband in Birthday Message

The actress showered her hubby with loving words as he adds another year. Her words;

Every woman’s fate changes once they get married cus two destinies mix but my destiny can’t cry on me cus ur love is with me. 

I have memorised you like a verse in the Holy Bible and I mention you like a prayer.
True love means everything, but for me True Love Simply Means You.

You understand me even when I say nothing.

We have used Trust as brick and Patience as a Cement to build our home, as sometimes love isn’t enough. 

Everyone falls in love yet not every love is passionate but you are the Fragrance in my breath. 

I am certain that I can live a few moments without breathing but I can’t live without you as every breath I take, reminds me of You. 

I love u, not for a moment nor for a day but for a lifetime.
I love u so much that my heart aches.
I don’t want to be ur Need, I want to be ur desire.