'We remain Ghana's largest development partner' – EU Ambassador

The European Union has said it remains committed to the economic development of Ghana.

EU Ambassador to Ghana, William Hanna said the Union will continue its development cooperation with the new government focusing on sustainable development.

At the Europe Day reception in Accra last Tuesday, Mr Hanna said the EU’s bilateral and development programmes will be coordinated to promote prosperity among Ghanaians.

“This year, more and more, we are hearing the phrase ‘Ghana beyond Aid’ [and] I am encouraged by this concept,” he said.

Europe Day is celebrated by EU and its member states to mark the birth of the Union on May 9, 1950 at the Schuman Declaration.

The theme for the 67the year of the Union was ‘Ghana at 60 – Europe at 60.’

Ghana’s trade relationship with Europe dates back to the Treaty of Rome which gave birth to the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1957.

The Rome Treaty provided a protocol on cooperation between the EEC and 31 Overseas Collectivities and Terrortories (OCTs).

In 2016, Ghana signed onto the Interim Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the EU in Brussels, Belgium.

The EPA is expected to ensure that businesses and industries in Ghana can export to EU market quota-free and without paying for any duties on their products.

Firms in EU in turn can also export goods and services to the Ghanaian market under the same conditions.

Mr Hanna said the EU will ensure that the agreement delivers the promises made to countries that have signed onto it.

“We will work together with Ghana in a new economic partnership…to protect access to the EU market…free of duty,” he said.

He explained the partnership will be more on trade and investment as well as creation of new jobs.

“Europe is already Ghana’s biggest investment partner, and we will remain so in future,” he said.

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