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This Lovely Couple Dated For 8 Years Without Sex Before Marriage And We’re Still Clapping

Well, we were classmates, level mates and all that. He was the extremely intelligent one in class. Always topping the class in tests and exams and I was like, it wouldn’t be bad to have this guy as a friend o. Nothing personal. I just wanted him to be a friend because the guy is damn good, especially that I had dreams of graduating with a first class. Lol, I wish!

The irony is that when he started asking me out, I didn’t like him. There was no iota of attraction at all. I was almost turning him down.

But I remember the words of my friend, Sandra, not real names, who told me to just talk to God about it.

My relationship with God is such that I can talk to him about anything and have conversations with him at anytime of the day. Prior to discussing it with Sandra, I didn’t want to tell God about it because I didn’t want to hear His own opinion. I think God would approve him as a potential suitor. I just felt it was not something to give serious thought to jareh!

Three months after, on his birthday 9th March, 2009 he invited me to have lunch with him in a new restaurant in town. He held my hands and expressed his sincere intentions to date me. I would say that at this point, I completely saw that he was sincere but I was scared. I didn’t like the idea of dating someone within my age bracket. He is one year older than I am, but I desired to get married to a man who is atleast three years older than me. I expressed all my associated fears and reasons for such expectation, but he reassured me that he was really sincere.

I remember the inscription he wrote on a piece of paper as we left the restaurant, reading “I LOVE YOU OMOBOLA’. These words sank into me for a very long time and so several time, I would ask him what he meant by ‘loving me’, what was his idea, what were his expectations? Would he still love me if I exposed and told him everything about me? Would he still claim to love me?

I was not under any pressure from him. He completely left me to make a choice and didn’t put me under any unusual intense pressure. I pride myself as one who is not given to intense pressure anyway, but I liked the idea that Temitope seemed different from other guys who would threaten you, pressure or manipulate you to date them. I liked it. I was not scared that he would go away or some other girl would ‘snatch’ him away

No! We dated for almost eight years WITHOUT sex. It was going to be eight years on the 13th of December this year if we hadn’t gotten married.

Seems impossible/unbelievable with some, but I often say that whatever you think is impossible would never be achievable by you.

You simply can’t have what you think is impossible! It’s that simple.