Rainstorm hit Tatale/Sanguli District

Yendi (NR) My 15, GNA – Rainstorm has hit Tatale/Sanguli district of Northern Region ripping-up roofs of 122 houses running into millions of Ghana cedis.

It has also rendered 328 people homeless, according to the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) Coordinator of Tatale/ Sanguli district Mr George Taseri Bijoman.

He said some of the affected communities included; Tatale township, Kuyuli, Sheini, Mboladom, Nahuyili, Kpaributabu and others.

Mr Taseri indicated that the New Islamic Junior High School, English/Arabic Junior High School, Pentecost Primary School, Nurul Islamic Junior High and Ligungunbu Primary School were the most affected schools in the District.

He said most of the people were now living with relatives, friends, while others were sleeping in schools.

Most of the victims appealed to the Assembly, NADMO and the Regional Coordinating council to come to their aid.