NPP Bawku Central Youth Groups Clear The Air

Our attention has been drawn to a letter reference BMA/A.1/V.4/ dated 13th May 2017 signed by the Presiding Member of the Bawku Municipal Assembly suspending the confirmation of the Presidents nominee for the position of Municipal Chief Executive in the person of Alhaji Amadu Mogtar Bagaya.

As a result of the love the people have for the nominee, this sudden information is beginning to breakdown the moral fiber of the rank and file of the party since his nomination was welcomed wholeheartedly by all.

As stakeholders in the affairs of the party in the Bawku Central Constituency we were taken aback about such a directive coming from the Office of the President through the Regional Minister to the Municipal Assembly.

We would like to state the following:

  1. We would like to reaffirm our unflinching support to the nominee and shall resist any attempt to change of name.
  2. We call on Constituency Executives to as a matter of urgency issue a statement in solidarity with the nominee at this trying time as they exhibited when he was nominated and if possible accompany it with a petition.
  3. We further urge the Constituency Executives to liaise with the Regional Chairman and his Executives as well as the Regional Minister to see to the speedy resolution of all outstanding issues in respect to the nominee’s confirmation.
  4. We also urge all persons or group of persons of the party in the constituency who think in a like manner to show solidarity in support of the nominee in which ever capacity within the remits of the law.
  5. We demand that any person or group of persons within and outside the Constituency who may want to be an impediment towards the confirmation of the Municipal Chief Executive nominee should stand aside or face the positive reaction of the youth.

We conclude by reechoing that we are with the nominee in this trying times and we repeat that we shall not accept any change of name because we believe firmly that Alhaji Amadu Mogtar Bagaya has the wherewithal to steer the affairs of the Municipality and the forward movement of the party in the constituency as a result of his competence, intelligence, humility, affability, experience and above all the goodwill the people of Bawku have for him.

Long live Concerned NPP Youth!
Long live NPP Youth Wing!!
God bless us all!!!
Youth Organizer Spokesperson Concerned
Bawku Central Constituency NPP Youth Bawku Central
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Secretary Concerned
NPP Youth Bawku Central