Woman arrested for 'photo-shopping' naked pictures of actress

A lady believed to be in her late 20s is in the grip of the Tesano Police in the Greater Accra Region, for circulating on social media naked pictures of an actress, Destina Tata.

The suspect who identifies herself as Shanti K is reported to have photoshopped pictures of the actress and shared them on Facebook.

The victim’s pictures were part of some naked images that were circulated on Snapchat and Instagram last week.

The suspect after her arrest confessed, she was driven by jealousy to alter the pictures of the actress. She was displeased with the obsession with which her boyfriend has been liking the actress’ pictures on social media.

The suspect’s boyfriend dated the victim until they broke up in 2013.

Fearing her man may return to his ex, she decided to disparage the reputation of the actress.

According to the suspect, she employed someone who doctored the actress’ picture and joined it to a naked body that matches her complexion.

The naked pictures were then released on social media.

Destina Tata, whose mobile phone keeps on ringing since the pictures were released, said she joined forces with colleagues to arrest the suspect.

Shanti K was arrested following a tip-off from her boyfriend, the actress told .

Story by Ghana | | Austin Brakopowers | [email protected] | Instagram: @realbrakopowers