US Embassy silent on email; stands by its indebtedness to ECG

Minutes after reported a possible gaffe by the US Embassy in the ongoing bill banter with the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), the Embassy has responded with a tweet insisting it is still indebted to the ECG.

“We stand by our May 17 statement. We continue to work w/ ECG to obtain correct itemised bills that will allow us to pay for our electricity.” The Embassy tweeted.

It was however silent on the email sent by its own official James Asangnia to the ECG confirming that the Embassy does not owe the ECG. intercepted an email sent by an Embassy official Mr Asangnia who is a schedule officer at the Embassy for payment of bills.

He did not understand why Ghana’s Energy Minister Boakye Agyarko will quote the Ambassador as saying that the Embassy is indebted to the ECG when as schedule officer he knew the Embassy had settled all outstanding debts to March 2017.

He therefore sent the email to officials of the ECG on May 17, 2017 insisting that the Embassy is not indebted to Ghana’s electricity distributor.

He was out of the office on vacation and did not know that the Embassy had officially tweeted that it was indebted to ECG in confirmation of what the Minister reported the US Ambassador as saying.

Sara Stealy
When contacted the Embassy its spokesperson Sara Stealy said it could not confirm whether or not James Asangnia is an employee of the Embassy and will also not confirm the existence of the email.

She said the only person or persons charged with the responsibility of speaking for the Embassy is the Director of Public Affairs or the Ambassador himself.

But can confirm that James Asangnia is indeed an employee caught in the middle of controversy between the ECG and the Embassy.

It is not clear yet why the Embassy will insist on owing the ECG when receipts intercepted by indicate that it has paid its debt to March 2017.

If at all the Embassy is indebted to the ECG, it is not clear how much but what is clear is there are receipts of electricity payment to March this year.

Story by Ghana||Nathan Gadugah