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12 Ways To Love Yourself Again

We tend to think we love ourselves the right way simply because we wake up and breathe.

But there is a difference between surviving and living life. Each day you wake up are you happy with your life and how it’s panning out? Are you at peace with who you are with all your flaws, weight and everything you think defines you?You need to love yourself in order to enjoy life even before anyone else can love you.

Here are 12 ways to love yourself again.

1. Remind yourself of the awesome things about you.

If you wait for people to tell you about all the awesome things about you, then you will wait for long. When you need to remember about your awesome personality then you could write a list of all the great things about you or do something you’re good at.

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2. Focus less on winning approval from others.

Forget what people think and listen to your inner voice. Advice can be helpful from family and friends but it can get tiring when you’re always waiting for some form of approval. Learn to be your biggest fan and you will be happier.

3. Distance yourself from negative people.

There is a difference between people who tell you off once in a while and people who just want to drag you down. Negative people literally sap the life out of you, every idea you have they are always ready to thwart it. Be around people who are happier because misery loves company.

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4. Forgive your past self.

Living in the past is hurtful and never allows you to move on. People around you may remind you of the things you have done but forgiving yourself is the best option. Forgiving yourself does not mean you forget what you learnt but it’s to let your soul be free from inequities. Your past has the ability to keep you in bondage that you don’t need to have.


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5. Make the changes you know you can.

If you are insecure about something you can change like weight, then this is the best time to change it. Accept the things you cannot change in your life which if you think about it, you have the power to change a lot in your life with hard work and determination.

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6. Learn from mistakes.

Accepting the mistakes you have made in your past does not mean you repeat the same things. Always learn from what you did wrong and be ready to correct your mistakes. One of the best ways to love yourself again is to be the best version of you. Every time you learn from your mistakes it means you add something positive to your character.


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7. Find a hobby that always makes you happy.

A hobby should be peaceful and something that makes you happy after a long day or when stressed out. A hobby is especially best if it does not make your liver suffer but is fun to do. It can be reading, writing or even watching movies.



8. Believe in your abilities.

Never look down on yourself but believe in yourself. Set goals that you know you can attain and whatever the case never give up. Whenever you set goals and you achieve them you will try achieving greater things.

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9. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Holding a pity party for your flaws will never work. The world owes you nothing and it is best to come to terms with that sooner. When you feel sorry for yourself it means you want to be in the same spot in your life without moving on. Loving yourself means you know when you’re wallowing in self-pity and understand that it will make you unhappy.

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10. Be a bit more selfish.

People like taking advantage of you when you don’t love yourself. Your spouse, friends and even family may use you because of your need to keep giving without receiving. When you love yourself you prioritize on what’s really important and what is not. You learn to put yourself first when you need to and stop giving a part of you to everyone even those that don’t deserve it.

11. Simply be nice to people.

Being a nicer person helps you ooze of positive vibes. Of course, you shouldn’t pretend to be nice to people you don’t like but there is a general respect and maturity that if you have will make you happy. Being kind will make you the bigger person in all your situations and if you can’t be nice to some people it’s best to avoid them.

12. Learn to say sorry.

Asking for forgiveness is not a sign of weakness but is a gift to your heart and the person you hurt. Apologizing when you’re wrong sets you free from the mistake you made and repairs your friendships. It is a mender more than anything it is even best if you apologize and learn to not repeat the same mistake.