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12 Very Essential Skills You Can Learn Online For Free Right Now

The best thing in life are FREE!

And as long as you have access to the internet and computer or a smartphone you have the opportunity to learn skills that can impact your career and life in general.

1. Public Speaking.

Do you always shiver when you are asked to speak in front of people? Well, not anymore, the University of Washington’s Intro to Public Speaking course is available to you for free. After you pick up a thing or two about public speaking, you will be able to conquer your fears in no time.

2. Learn To Read Faster.

It takes longer than your peer to go through a report, newspaper or a book? Fear no more, your new friend should be Spreeder, a free online platform that seeks to improve your reading skills and comprehension. You are sure to multiply your reading speed after your encounter with Spreeder.


3. Learn A New Language.

Do you want to learn French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or even English? Then visit Duolingo now!


4. Learn Basic Psychology.

Yale University’s Intro to Psychology lectures, will help you understand your true self, navigate better friendship, how to interact with your family and how to deal with that though coworker of ours.


5. Learn How To Negotiate.

You need to understand negotiation if you want to survive in this part of the world, so let Stanford’s Stan Christensen help you to know exactly what to say and when to say it.

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6. Learn To Be Good At Maths.

Did you struggle in math in school and for that reason you have said goodbye to math forever? Fear not,’s Real World Math course will make you fall in love with math all over again.

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7. Learn How To Draw.

Drawing was too fun as a child so who said you need to stop now that you are an adult? Grab a pencil, a drawing and sketch your life away with DrawSpace .

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8. Learn How To Write Very Well.

Try Macalester College‘s lecture series, but if you’re more interested in journalism, then this Wikiversity’s course selection is for you.

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9. Learn Photoshop.

You have heard or seen the good things Photoshop can do right? Now its your turn, so start from You Suck At Photoshop.

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10. Learn How To Become The King of Excel.

Every company in this world, big or small needs excel to survive. So if you are looking for a way to surprise your boss, then head over to Chandoo and learn all the excel you can. Thank me later.

11. Learn How To Become A Computer Programmer.

It’s 2017, look around you, everything you see is pretty much controlled by some form of coding. You are currently reading this on, well you need to thank our awesome developers. Do you want to build the next great website, mobile app? Want to get hired at a place like Surfline? Then head over to Code Academy to learn all about coding. Harvard University also has this awesome Introduction to Computer Science course online for free.

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12. Learn How To Make Your Own Music.

You love music, you adore your favorite musicians. Well, did you know you can create your own? Lifehacker‘s basics of music production is a good place to start.

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