Arsenal FC Won’t Be In The Champions League Next Season And It’s Sad

This is officially the worst time to be an Arsenal FC fan.

Many football fans associate Arsenal with woeful performance but this season just takes the cake.

For the first time in nearly 20 years, Arsenal FC fails to qualify for the Champions League next season!

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Their coveted and precious top 4 dreams were crushed yesterday when Liverpool beat Middlesbrough 3 nil at Anfield.

Although the gunners beat Everton 3 goals to 1, they still traile d Liverpool by a point and finished 5th; ahead of Manchester United who finished 6th on the league table.


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The last time Arsenal won the English Premiership league was in 2004.

But they have always consoled fans for the 13-year trophy drought with UEFA Champions League qualifier. But not this year. No EPL title, no Champions league qualification and their coach, as usual, gets a new contract.

Arsene Wenger

Image: Arsenal

Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham and league winners, Chelsea qualified for the Champions League from the English league.

Arsenal’s favourite club in the Champions League, Bayern FC will sorely miss them in the coming UEFA CL season.

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