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11 Online Games That Have Been Banned Across The World

After the suicidal Blue Whale game I was interested to know which other games are out there driving people mad.

Countries have banned games based on the nature either because it’s too violent or too graphic. It is evident that online games have been influential especially with the young community all over the world. Although you may be shocked and wonder why some games are banned yet they are harmless while others are absurd.

Here are 11 online games that have been banned across the world.

1. Getting Up

Australia banned this game simply because it promotes vandalism. The game was created by a guy who comes from a bad part of town and uses the power of street art to take down rival gangs and a corrupt mayor.

Getting up

Image: YouTube

2. Command & Conquer

This game basically destroys Beijing with a nuclear war. Problem with the Chinese government is that they felt that the game is indoctrinating people to start a war. The government of China brought down this game so fast that even pirating masters were disappointed.

Command n Conquer

Image: MegaGames

3. Witcher 2

Talk about a creepy game that has a lot of sex? This is the game that a massage and sex is a reward when you win a mission. The game has been banned in most countries and was a refused a rating as an online game.

Witcher 2

Image: GKGameZone

4. RapeLay

Doesn’t the name sound horrible and suspicious? The game was made from Japan and came with a lot of cultural misunderstandings. It was released in 2006 but went down as soon as it was started. RapeLay basically puts you in the shoes of a sexual predator and tasks you with stalking and having sex with women by force. It is a game that urges the player to be a rapist. It was banned in multiple countries such as Argentina, Indonesia and New Zealand.


Image: MobyGames

5. Mass Effect

This game wasn’t banned because of political outrage but lesbian sex. Singapore began by banning the game back in 2007 because it contains a scene of pure lesbian sex. Although the ban was lifted after there was a backlash from the country’s officials. All Arab countries banned this game after it was released.

Mass Effect

Image: Amino Apps

6. God of War 2

Middle East people were not impressed with this game at all. It was banned for sexual content and because the title had the word God in the title. In Saudia Arabia this game is sold in a black market that packages the game in a shrink wrapped or in something else.

God of War 2

Image: YouTube

7. Counter-strike

The Brazilian government banned this game not because of violence, terrorism or anything bad but because there was a Brazilian shanty. The cops in the game deal with the issues of a shanty town in Brazil where crime is rampant the government stated that players would end up having an attack against the democratic state.


Image: NjeKlik © 2017

8. Grand Theft Auto 4

I loved playing this game in high school but mostly because of the driving. However, when a Thai teenager killed a taxi driver in 2008 the blame was on this game. The Thai courts banned this game following the teenage incident.

Grand Theft Auto 4

Image: GameZone

9. Manhunt 2

Since its release, it has seen bans or rating refusals in Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. It was also hit with a sales-crippling Adults Only rating the United States, and plenty of other countries decry its very existence. It has a lot of violence and is extremely bloody.

manhunt 2

Image: YouTube

10. Medal of Honor

The government of Pakistan has no chills especially after this game was released. The government of Pakistan banned Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Medal of Honor: Warfighter in one fell swoop, saying they “show the country in a very poor light.

Medal of Honor

Image: YouTube

11. Fallout 3

The characters in this game are always high on morphine and this obviously annoyed the Australian authorities. Fallout 3 uses a lot of chemicals and drugs throughout the whole game that make drugs look innocent.

Fallout 3 cover

Image: Fallout Wiki – Wikia