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Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Toby Onwumere, The Nigerian Actor On Sense8

Nigerians are constantly doing amazing things in Hollywood.

Remember Eme Ikwuakor, the Nigerian actor who’s joined the cast of the Marvel production, Inhuman

If you watch Sense8, you’ll realise there’s a new face on the show who made his debut in the second season of the show. Say hello to Toby Onwumere who replaced Aml Ameen playing the role of Capheus in the new season.

Here are some interesting things you should know about him

1. It’s his first gig

In his interview with Indie Wire, Toby admitted that this is the first gig he’s had.

2. Prior to his audition, he had not seen the show

Before his audition, Toby had no idea what the show was all about. Although he had noticed it on Netflix, he only watched it when he was to audition for it

It’s LIT!! #sense8

A post shared by Toby Onwumere (@tobyonwumere) on Dec 22, 2016 at 9:35am PST

3. He got the job in less than a week

He got the appointment for the audition on a Monday, auditioned on Wednesday afternoon, and found out Wednesday night that they wanted him to fly to Mexico City to meet up with the production there.

4. He’s a graduate of University of California where he has a Masters degree in acting

In another interview with Entertainment Voice, he told us he graduated from University of California in May 2015

5. He was working at a restaurant prior to his Sense8 audition

Before his audition, Toby worked at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

The second season of ‘Sense8’ is currently streaming on Netflix. 

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