Mrs. Gladys Mann-Dedey: I Derive My Vision From The Vision Of The President

Newly elected Municipal Chief Executive [MCE] for La Dadekotopon, Mrs. Gladys Mann-Dedey has said that her vision for the municipality is connected with the vision of the President, Nana Akufo Addo.

Speaking in meeting with her assembly members on Wednesday, May 24, 2017Mrs. Gladys said her vision has been designed to conform to the overall vision of the first gentleman of the State.

“My vision for the Municipal Assembly derives from the vision of the President,” she said.

The MCE assured that the promises made by the President whilst on the campaign trail are going to be the watch guide under her tenure of office.

“Taking a cue from the President, I would like to block any leaks that exist in the collection of revenue for the Municipal Assembly,” she noted.

“If there are any of our revenue collectors who engage in any shady deals or pocket part of the revenue collected, I would like to advise them to put an immediate halt to it,” she warned.

According to Mrs. Mann-Dedey steps are going to be taken to improve on the strategies for collecting revenue. We will make it more efficient, more effective and more economical,” she said.

One other area that the MCE think if well managed could generate revenue for the municipality is the payment of property rates.

“Every single plot of land, every single building in our municipality must pay the right property rate-every year,” Mrs. Gladys said.

She, however, added that her outfit shall devise methods for assisting residents to pay their property rates and also accelerate the process of approving building and development permits.

In the area of sanitation the newly elected MCE said she is going to make sure that La Dadekotopon becomes the cleanest municipality in the capital, Accra.

“We mean to closely follow the lead of the President. We intend to make La Dadekotopon the cleanest municipality in Accra,” she assured.

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