Nkonya-Alavanyo Conflict Disrupting School Activities

Members of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) have raised concerns about the disruption the Nkonya-Alavanyo conflict was having on education in the area.

The Jasikan District GNAT Chapter, which registered their displeasure about the grave effect the conflict was having on teaching and learning in the area, expressed worry about the safety and security of their members and pupils in the flash points.

The Teachers however resolved to promote peace among the warring faction and ensure the smooth running of education without any interruption.

These sentiments were contained in a nine-point resolution of the Association at the end of their 5th Quadrennial Conference held at Bueman Senior High School at Jasikan.

Mr. Johnson Tsyawo, Jasikan District Chairman of the Association has strongly advocated for peace between the warring faction and in the Nkonya-Alavanyo, and appealed for urgent support to enable teachers organise sensitisation activities for the people in the area.

Effect of Conflict
According to experts, the conflict has claimed thousands of lives, including parents’ children in schools and some pupils, and brought untold hardship on families in the affected area.

The conflict has heightened the sense of insecurity among teachers and pupils in the area and hampered the teaching and learning activities. The situation according some teachers in the area was intimidating, as classes could be called off anytime the factions start it fighting.

A Teacher at the Nkonya- Kadjebi D/A Primary school told this reporter that both teachers and pupils in the area were now leaving in fear as they do not know when opponents would attack.

Due to this, classes had been called off for some days now, which has affected teaching and learning ever since school reopened this academic term.

Peace Initiative
Mr. Tsyawo, noted that since the conflict was having adverse effect on education in the Biakoye District and in the Hohoe Municipality, GNAT members in the two catchment areas would collaborate to complement efforts of expert, by engaging the factions in the conflict, to resolve it.

He outlined the move to organize football games and some activities in the flash points of the conflict, to raise the needed awareness of the impact it was having education.

He also suggested that if the situation was seen after their peace initiative, the teachers might consider boycotting classes for some days.

Teachers welfare
The Jasikan GNAT District with over 1,430 members, comprising the Jasikan and Biakoye Districts, also appealed to GNAT to ensure that Ghana Education Service fulfils the Welfare Benefits for Teachers who die in active service.

The Teachers also requested the extension of the maternity leave period from 3 to 6months in line with the six-month exclusive breastfeeding policy.

They also called on the education Directorate to stop purchasing test items and allow teachers to set their end of term exams.