Wedding guest 'stabs man to death and maims another

A wedding guest stabbed another man to death after he was heckled while performing a karaoke song.

Nguyen Ngoc Diep was singing a congratulations song to the newlywed couple in Southern Vietnam when he was accosted on stage by a heckler.

The rude guest told Diep, 44, that his singing was “terrible” and snatched the microphone away from him.

The two men then argued before being broken up by the other guests at the reception in the country’s Cho Gao District.

An enraged Diep then left the party before turning up with a knife a short time later, reports the Tuoi Tre newspaper.

He then allegedly lunged at the heckler who was on stage with another guest singing.

Diep stabbed the man and his singing partner multiple times, cops said.

Both victims were rushed to hospital and the heckler later died from his injuries.

The 44-year-old attacker has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

The condition of the other man who was stabbed is not known.