EOCO Charged To Retrieve Stolen $1.2bn

Listowel Kojo Fordwor with the documents at the EOCO office yesterday

Listowel Kojo Fordwor with the documents at the EOCO office yesterday

Thousands of protestors who hit the streets of Accra yesterday in demand of justice and accountability have given the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) a three-month ultimatum to retrieve an amount of $1.2 billion allegedly stolen by some civil and public servants.

The group, led by Captain Kwadwo Smart, host of an Accra-based radio station – Adom FM’s – morning show programme, ‘Dwaso Nsem,’ is demanding an investigation and subsequent prosecution of some officials who have allegedly denied the nation of millions of cedis.

Dubbed, “Fabewoso demo,” the event saw angered Ghanaians clad in red and black with placards marching through some principal streets of Accra and eventually converged in front of the office of the EOCO.

The radio station, through the producer of the programme, Listowel Kojo Fordjour, presented a series of documents believed to contain evidence of the alleged corruption. 

Speaking to Ghana News Agency, Captain Smart said, “We have presented all the necessary documents to the EOCO and they have assured us of processing them for legal action.

“They have even given us just a week to start the process. And we are very hopeful that they would help us press for action against those caught in corrupt practices,” he added.

However, Captain Smart said the group would give the EOCO a maximum three-month period to come out with its findings, but would continue to propagate corruption across other regions.

He explained that the country is not for only one person and that every citizen must get a share of the national cake, saying, “We would not sit there for only a few greedy individuals to pocket our money whilst we go hungry.”

The Adom FM’s morning show host blamed the menace of unemployment and economic hardship on the corrupt activities in various government institutions and reemphasised that perpetrators of the corrupt acts must be named and shamed.

“Our university graduates cannot find jobs; our young women have resorted to prostitution for survival,” Captain Smart lamented, and gave the assurance that the group was resolute to identify all suspected persons involved in corruptible practices and would work tirelessly to ensure that they were brought to book.

While commending the protestors for their input, he called on them to continue to help clamp down on all the activities of economic saboteurs in the country.