Are Guest Blog: Are degrees & certificates that important to make you live a comfortable life?

So far as everyone wants to have a comfortable life, it comes with a cost and a decision which you must make yourself. This post comes after the much debate on weather certificates are important or not.

To be sincere, certificates could be important or less important, all depending on an individuals target in life and though much emphasis is put on certificates, it’s not the only way to live a successful life.

Bill Gate and Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of school and became billionaires even before they had their university degree, an honorary degree to be precise.

In most parts of the world, one must have a certificate before he or she will be employed to work in a company or a firm whereas maybe the one who owns that company is just a school dropout with no or less degree.

People with certificate sometimes find themselves in a more difficult situation as compared to someone who doesn’t have a certificate and it all goes down to what you wish and desire to achieve in life.

Someone’s aim is to become a business man and someone’s aim is to become an entrepreneur, blogger, doctor, freelance writer or maybe a vlogger.

We all know some professions demand you to have at least a Master’s degree certificate and some also demand a first degree certificate or just a high school certificate.

If you want to be a YouTube vlogger, a blogger or an entrepreneur, start your own business, I know YouTube will not demand for your certificate before you join their platform, neither will WordPress or Blogger demand for your certificate before you start a blog.

However, you will need a certificate to be employed by a firm or a company which requires that to employ people because they demand nothing but the best.

I was inspired to write this post because of how one Ghanaian blogger, Chris Vincent Agyapong, the owner of who always use foul language against those who share different opinions to his.

In his latest rant on Facebook, Chris Vincent said those who claim certificates are not important are deluded dim-wits just because people disagreed with him when he was saying Actor John Dumelo never finished his course at KNUST.

Mark Zuckerberg who dropped out of school 12 years ago received an honorary degree from Harvard and I must say it’s a good thing to have a degree wgich you can show to your children in the future but don’t limit yourself to having only a degree because putting all your eggs in one basket will leave you in the middle of the road.

You can’t be successful just because you have a university degree or certificate, your success depends on your mindset and how well you plan your future.

Your certificate can help you get employment during your working age but that certificate cannot help your future generations and that is why you shouldn’t limit yourself to attaining only a certificate.

Someone without a certificate could be leaving a much more comfortable and happy life as compared to you who has a certificate but can’t use it because unemployment rate is increasing daily.

Because of the increasing rate of unemployment, we have university graduates driving Dangote trucks just to get a daily bread.

Learn how to achieve success without depending on a certificate and who knows, you might also earn yourself an honorary degree.

Just before I end, know what you want to achieve in life before you chase certificates because some mistakes could be corrected but not all mistakes can be corrected.

Written by Kwasi Enoch