Disclaimer:Boy At Large In Infamous Sex Tape Not From Canteen A Suburb In Damongo

We the youth and people of canteen in Damongo in the northern region of Ghana wish to by this waiver or quitclaim state categorically for the records that Tofic who is currently on the run following the infamous leaked Sex scandal involving him and one Humu from Daboya is not from Canteen.

Indeed,in a ghanaweb publication of Friday,26th May,2017,and sourced to , it was stated that the said boy is from Canteen a suburb in Damongo.Find the specific quote below:

” The video was first posted on Facebook by one Kasenyi Mubarik Kojah on Thursday May 25, 2017 and according to him; he did that because the girl involved is damaging the reputation of Ndewura Jakpa Senior High School.

It is gathered that that the boy is from a suburb in Damongo called Canteen and the girl from Daboya but an immediate past student of Ndewura.”(see: for details).

The above so stated is overly inaccurate as the boy is not from Canteen nor Damongo.The boy in question is a native of Kusawgu or from Kusawgu our reports have gathered.Infact,the boy only sought for some refuge for free in Canteen,Brigade Line in wander,but is not from the area nor Damongo.

As a matter of fact,I was born and bread in Canteen,Brigade line and don’t know the said boy beyond one of his pictures I downloaded from Facebook after the leak.

Even though,we join the good people of Damongo and Ghana to condemn the act,we wish to reiterate the need to paint an accurate picture of the situation on the ground.The burden of a story is lost if facts about the story are widely misrepresented as in this case.

This disclaimer has become necessary following series of requests from well meaning people of canteen,both home and away to save the image of the area.

We have had enough of such bad misrepresented reports about the town in time past due to the past records of the area,which could be attributed to the wind of Westenization of our culture blowing across Africa in ages .The effects of which,were not peculiar to Canteen at the time.

Things have changed,and the moral fiber of Canteen is now build bold and strong.

Thank you, and may God bless us all.