Students Inspired At The Launch Of Upper West Students' Union National Action Plan For 2017

The aforementioned union comprises the gallant sons and daughters of the region who are currently pursuing their academic laurels in the various institutions ranging from basic to tertiary level.

This is a very young but speedily growing union which was established in 2011. It was fundamentally formed to accomplish the following aims and objectives:

1. Realising the immerse contributions we have to make to the total development of the region.

2. Seeking to improve and to promote the socio-cultural and academic interest of students and the region at large.

3. Determined to secure and guarantee for ourselves social, cultural, economic and academic justice for all students from the region.

4. Desiring to create a framework of government for the promotion of these ideals inter alia.

It is in the light of this that the current president, Biekuuh Kingsley with his able executives, came out with a powerful feasible plan of action for the year. This action plan covers education, sports and awards schemes. The launch of this year’s action plan was very colourful as it was highly attended by well meaning and proud sons and daughter of the region who occupied enviable positions in the region and beyond. The theme for the occasion was *”A Forward Match*”. In attendance of the program were the regional Minister Hon Issahaque Sulemana Alhassan excellency, the former Ambassador to Mali Mahmud Khalik, the former director of Gender and Social Protection Agency, Mrs. Bobmiller was the only woman present in that program, the elders and Chiefs of the Wa paramountcy, the Sissala Union National President Dr. Osman Kanton, inter alia committed, dedicated and proud indigenes of the region.

The program was at its apex when a very indescribable famous poet Bayuoni Dramani Maazu said a spoken word. The poem sort to draw the attention of the contemporary voracious politicians of their quest to achieving their parochial interest cum satisfying their personal aggrandizement at the expense of the ordinary Ghanaians. Let me paraphrase what he said, they loot and share, store and save for their children and generations yet unborn while the ordinary Ghanaians keep wallowing in abject poverty. Politicians make policies and laws that are geared towards their parochial interest and personal convictions yet they claimed they do that for you and me. This is indeed laughable. In fact, the poet, Mr. Bayuoni Dramani Maazu, unreservedly nib the bud in its right place. The dignitaries were very enthused and that resulted in their uncontrollably excited commendations of the fantastically wonderful work done by the poet.

Being overly exhilarated, His excellency, the former ambassador to Mali, Mahmud Khalik mounted the podium and expressly told the audience his inability to control his delightedness which called for an apology to members who might see him talking too much. He quickly commented on the poem explicitly stating that audience who thought the poet was referring only to those on the high table were wrong. He said so because the poem equally unearth the odds that engulfed the students front. He admittedly admitted their generational failure as far as developing Upper West region is concerned. This was what he said, “we have failed the present generation, we hope to see differences in the current generation”.

Having admitted their failure, His excellency Mahmud Khalik, the former ambassador to Mali made a statement which *sounded so prophetic* though he is far from being a prophet. The statement which I deemed as an *implicit call for attitudinal change* in the current generation and a prophecy, was that *”if the current generation doesn’t change certain attitudes, it might experience worse failure than they did”*. This statement per his line of argument, in my opinion, is incontestable. He premised the origin of this statement on students’ leadership failure to do certain basic things right. He said, *”the lack of accountability and transparency in SRC, NUGS, DEPARTMENTAL, TEIN, TESCON and other sub-unions and associations executives makes the future bleak and unpromising”*.

He lamented over the students’ leadership failure to be the change they expect. As an impartial student activist in my institution UEW-K, students’ leadership behaviour sufficed me to cite with him on that prophecy. He hastened to add that if we don’t change our attitudes, we will certainly find ourselves apologizing to our followers when we assume the position they occupied now. Indeed, I must admit that it was a sad naked and widely acknowledged truth. In all sincerity, I was deeply touched and moved by his statements and wished all the youth with such behaviour could be whipped to alter such uncharitable behaviours for a promising region and Ghana at large.

In furtherance, the chief and some other dignitaries raised the issue of indiscipline which is closely associated with the present generation. They expressed their venom on how these days youth disrespect and disregard elders and simple rules and regulations in the region and Ghana at large. They condemned the current attitude of indiscipline in no uncertain terms. They cited the happenings in the recent UCC saga as a classical example of the of the indiscipline behaviour of students that must never be condoned.

After his submission, one of the patrons who doubled as the vice principal of NJA College of education, Mr Alhaji Saeed my former tutor, bemoaned the failure of the learned experienced men and women inability to support the youth in their endeavours to pursue higher education. Ipso facto, most people from the region are denied their services to the region since they were not sponsored in anyway by anybody to retain them in the region after completion.

He said, “it is on records that Upper West region has the highest numerical strength in terms of medical doctors. But how many medical doctors can we boast of in the region?” It was on that score he made a plea to the regional Minister to support the ‘Garibanye’ proposal that was captured as part of the action plan for the year. This he said will not only encourage and motivate the students but will also create some competition among the students as their efforts are being recognized and appreciated. He added that it will go along way to improve upon the speedily falling standards of education in the region.

The only woman who possessed the heart of a man, Mrs Catherine Bobmiller was the last to speak before the regional Minister. I will refer to her as a man because her behaviour is characterized by that of men. The passion and her vociferousness coupled with her unafraid, point blank direct punches to people makes her an epitome in the region.

As a former director of gender and social protection agency, she had an overwhelming interest in women and ladies activities. She encouraged the few ladies who were present at the program to equally encourage and motivate their colleagues ladies to develop interest in programs of that sort for they create lots of opportunities for them.

She expressed her disappointment in the numerical strength of the ladies in attendance. She also registered her displeasure on poor public speaking skills usually exhibited by myriad of people. This, she linked to the failure of such people to attend programs of that sort. In the light of that she promised to take members through a public lecture on public speaking. She concluded by calling on the UWESU president, Kingsley Biekuuh to include the ladies in the soccer game which is part of the action plan.

In conclusion, the 2017 action plan was duly launched and the education sensitization will commenced on the 23rd July, 2017. The action plan takes effect from July to December. The sports festival and ‘Garibanye’ schemes will follow suit immediately after the education sensitization. Mid year congress will be used to climax the entire program. We are therefore calling on all stakeholders to support the union to achieve these tasks.