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13 Struggles All Non-girly Girls Will Understand

A non-girly girl is someone who many people have labeled her as a tomboy or sometimes simply weird.

She has struggles that not a typical girly girl will understand. Her basic struggle is not how high her heels are but basically how comfortable her shoes are. She prefers wearing jeans when she goes to town or anywhere for that matter because a dress is for special occasions only plus she only has 4 of those. Only non-girly girls will understand these 13 struggles.

1. You feel strange when wearing makeup.

2. When you wear a dress and people insist you should wear it more.

3. Heels are equipped for torture.



4. Jewelry is that small earring you wear.

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5. You dress for comfort not fashion, so sweatpants are great.


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6. Fake eyelashes make your eyes feel like they will drop.

7. Styling your hair takes too much time so a ponytail does the trick.

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8. Fake nails feel like they’ll fall especially when you wash dishes.

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9. You don’t know what foundation does and what powder helps with.

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10. People are always giving you advice on how you would look if you had a makeover.


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11. Emotional songs like “malaika” doesn’t get to you.


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12. You haven’t thought about how your wedding will look like and everyone else has. As a matter of fact you’re probably very single.

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13. Some people have probably thought you’re a lesbian. But you don’t care.

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