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12 Simple Signs That Shows He Is Too Obsessed With You

It may seem cute when a guy shows too much interest in you.

As a matter of fact, he may appear to be romantic for a while until you start feeling as if he’s being too invasive of your personal space. Accommodating such a guy is like having a small baby that you have to give all your attention to or else he’ll throw a fit. He may just be a friend who you tend to entertain or a guy you are dating and things are getting very serious.

Do not be alarmed if a guy is acting up and you’re too scared to face the reality that he may be obsessed with you. Here are the signs that he may be obsessed with you.

1. Bombs you with messages after one meeting.

It is okay to be in contact after a first date or after some time spent together. You know what’s not okay? A man that bombards you with so many texts after an hour of meeting is mad. What’s even worse is if you don’t respond to his texts then he insists on calling you so many times until you finally pick. This is not normal at all, people check up on her to see if she got home not obsessed calls.

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2. He tells people you two are dating when in fact you’re not.

This happens when you allowed yourself to have a friendship with this man but instead he is in a relationship with you in his mind. It gets awkward whenever he invites you over to hang out with his friends then insinuates to them that you are the one for him. He never cares about your consent, he only cares that he has been seen with you while you’re innocently being his friend. If you realize that people have started making comments about you and him in public then be afraid. This man is probably in a relationship with you just because you told him you appreciated him.


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3. He is clingy and insecure and refuses to leave your side.

Your obsessed man never wants you to be with anyone else. Again this may happen in a subtle way in a friendship, like if he insists that he doesn’t like you hanging out without him then you have reason to worry. Never let anyone dictate what you should do with your free time. This man is insecure but covers it up by saying how much he loves spending time with you. He is clingy, needy and never wants to leave your side. At this point you need to say a prayer.

4. He creates an idea of you without even knowing you properly.

You have already told him that nothing more can ever happen between you two because you’re obviously incompatible. But despite your obvious differences he still wants to insist that you’re his type. There is such a difference between someone who wants to make you his project and someone who wants to add positive vibes in your life. If he is the type that insists you don’t drink while in fact you do then there’s a problem.

5. He always bumps into you as a coincidence.

Oh , is he everywhere you happen to be ?  Two times may be a coincidence but by the third and fourth you’re actually being stalked. This man has mastered the art of knowing where you usually like hanging out and he has made it his task to appear there all the time. He never even used to know the places you introduced him to and now there his favorites. Change the places you go to without telling him for your own safety. You need to snap your finger at that loser.

6. He is overly helpful to you.

Generosity is a great thing until it’s too much. You’ve just recently met this guy but he is already offering the world to you, this is not normal. No one should be overly helpful and they haven’t known you for a while.  Refuse such gifts because it’s an entry to a part of your life will allow him to sort of own you.


7. Even when you tell him no, he insists on being a part of your life

Even after telling him that you think it’s best to not be in contact this man still texts and calls as usual as if you said nothing. He will beg you to be his friend because no one else understands him like you do. Never fall for those needy lines. By the time a person is insisting on being in your life you are in for trouble.


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8. He insists that you are soul mates.

Soul mates crap is what he will give you. You may express that you are only friends and nothing more or less but apparently this is when the Lord has told him that you two belong together. It is unfortunate that he uses this manipulative strategy to keep you in his life. He uses this especially if he knows your belief in God or fantasies. Do not be naïve.


9. Threatens to hurt himself if you leave.

Mr. obsessed told you he will probably even kill himself because he can’t stand the thought of living without you. This will never be sweet for any human being to say to you. It is manipulative and annoying; you shouldn’t feel coerced to stay with anyone you don’t want to be with.

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10. Will try blackmail you with information about you

They probably don’t even have enough information about you but the little they know they will threaten to tell someone about it. These are the kind of people you don’t want to share too much with via text or even phone conversations. Smack him right out of your life.

11. Convinces everyone that you’re the bad person so you can go back.

They have already made you look like the fool so this leads to pressure that makes you feel you have to let them be in your life. If you share a similar social circle he may appear to be the most amazing guy and you’re the horrible person that won’t accommodate him. If this happens tell your friends about his weird ways and everything he does that seems obsessive.


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12. Is happy to be in your life even though you treat him badly.

So he won’t come out of your life but you will eventually treat him badly because you no longer respect him. This means you don’t answer his calls or you’re rude to him. Even in all that, he still insists on staying with you and acts like everything is fine. If he refuses to distance himself even when you haven’t been nice to him then you need to block him and forget he ever existed whether as a friend or as a boyfriend.


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